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Erena Shaw
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Working From Home

Hi Welcome to my Avon blog.
I started working from home 15 years ago as a mum to 3 girls. I wasn't really looking for work at the time just looking to get out and make friends. Having 2 teen girls at the time who were into make up and fashion Avon was a perfect match for me. I'd never gone door to door before but found the concept of Avon easy. At first I just posted my books through the doors and only later did I get to meet my customers when I delivered their orders. The strange thing is I had lived in my street 6 years when I joined Avon and until starting Avon meeting the neighbours just hadn't really happened, you know what its like you get in your car go to work or school drive home and these days who has time to stop and chat in the street! Joining Avon I made friends and money. I started small as a Representative and in time became a Team Leader showing others how to make friends and earn and the best bit is I have always been able to be with my girls when they were home from school. I work my way in my time.
I have a successful team of Leaders and Representatives and right now we have vacancies within our network to help others build a business and earn. Everyone of us knows how important family life is and we work with our new team members to keep the family balance in the right place.
Could you be part of our team? could we help you to Earn with Avon and provide the extra things in life that you not only need but the things you want.
I hope you'll get in touch for more info.
Until next time Happy New Year and may 2018 bring you good health and happiness .
E x