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Empty Nest

Is it just me or do other mums start to get the feeling of empty nest as their children grow up. It seems like only yesterday I was holding our youngest in my arms protecting her from harm, and now I find myself with each passing month letting her out into the arms of the big wide world. Charlotte is our youngest of 3 the last to leave the nest, why is it so different with this last child getting ready to move on I've been there twice already but I just can't seem to feel the excitement for her next stage in life as we pass through the months.

Avon More Than Just Beauty Products

Hi, did you know Avon now has more than just beauty products in the brochure.Working with Smarter Avon gives you more choice. More choice on products, and more choice on how you earn. Starting your business is easy, and takes only a few minutes of your time to get your account open, with just one easy phone call. You choose how you want to sell, just running your business online using your personal online shop, selling anywhere in the UK, or being an all rounder, and selling to homes close to where you live.

New Miracle Densifier Collection

This week I checked out a new product from the Miracle Densifier collection. I'm always looking for a way to give my hair more volume without it feeling sticky and heavy. I have short hair that needs lift from the roots so finding a product to give lift any wont let my hair flop 30 minutes later is a big plus in my book. This product is great for both long and short hair and what's more you can apply in the shower and leave it in to blow dry or wash it out. To add body to the roots just massage the lotion into your scalp then choose how to dry your hair.

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