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Erena Shaw
Avon Leader
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Avon More Than Just Beauty Products

Hi, did you know Avon now has more than just beauty products in the brochure.Working with Smarter Avon gives you more choice. More choice on products, and more choice on how you earn. Starting your business is easy, and takes only a few minutes of your time to get your account open, with just one easy phone call. You choose how you want to sell, just running your business online using your personal online shop, selling anywhere in the UK, or being an all rounder, and selling to homes close to where you live. Friends,family and work colleagues can all be part of your selling Network as well, as said you choose how you want to sell.
Talking of options, Smarter Avon gives you the oppertunitey to join our Multi Level Marketing (MLM) side of the business, creating a full time income with full training and business support materials .
Whether you choose to shop, sell, or build a business I can help you today with one simple Personal Message ,Phone call or simply visit my sites below