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Erena Shaw
Avon Leader
Mobile: 07841871440
Tel: 01604 709662


Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of support will you give me?

We make a minimum of 3 personal calls with you. Call one covers such areas as how to make the most of your brochures, use of order forms, how to deliver, and how you get paid, the Avon website and your own personal account with Avon. Call 2 shows you how to place your order, check your delivery, and how to deliver and how you are paid for products. Call 3 shows you how to pay your Avon account, process any returns you have and confirm your earnings on the invoice. Within all the calls we are there to answer any questions you may have, provide the tools you need to succeed, such as brochures and free samples.

How much is it going to cost me to get started?

Joining Avon is easy there is no upfront cost to you. Once your account is opened you can choose 1 of 4 fantastic joining kits prices starting at just £15 for our Start up Kit of Sales Tools. The kit goes on invoice for 13 days and is not paid upfront .

How much can I earn?

Representatives can earn up to 25% discount on their order, the more you sell the more you earn. However for your first order you will earn 20% discount from the first order you place.
Team Leaders get paid a percentage of their teams’ sales dependent upon the level of Advance Leadership they have reached at that time.

How do I get paid?

Your products will be delivered to your door by the Avon carrier. Once you have sorted your order you can deliver out to your customers, collecting payment on delivery. If a customer has opted to have their delivery direct from Avon through your Avon store then Avon will pay your earnings direct to your account. An invoice in your delivery will show you how much discount you have and how much you need to pay Avon for your products.

Do I have to deliver to houses?

No, you can just do friends and family if you want. But having a ‘territory’ of about 150 homes close to where you live is easy and does not involve cold calling, and certainly improves your earning potential. With the addition in 2016 of the Representatives Online shop you can now sell to Anyone and Anywhere with direct delivery to the customer and still earn off these orders.

What if I can’t deliver to a customer and I am left with the products?

You can simply go on line and claim a credit for the products, we show you how in Call 3, then parcel them up in one of your Avon Return Bags, to give to your carrier the next time he brings your order.

What if I don’t like doing Avon? Can I just leave?

Any Representative can leave Avon at any time, and your Avon account closes if 2 or more orders are missed in a row.

How do I become a Team Leader?

You simply let us know that you would like to develop your Avon business further, and we will come and talk to you about how to get started. We don’t leave you alone to do it, we will work alongside you to bring new representatives into your team, introduce you to Avon Area Managers, and other team leaders, who will also work alongside you to help build your business. It is fun and a great way to have a self- employed career and there is no fee when you become a Team Leader.